Live Sessions

At this time, there are 2 options for live hypnosis sessions

1. Live sessions offered through pre-paid VOICE skype sessions. Contact me for payment methods.

My current rates are as follows:

30 min – $100

45 min – $150

46+ min – Ask for special pricing for lengthy hypnosis sessions

Contact me to schedule. My calendar fills up rather quickly with my limited availability, so please understand that I may not be able to fit you in on short notice.

2. Niteflirt

I’ll be available on Niteflirt for unscheduled sessions. Add me to your favorites and you’ll be able to speak to me live whenever I’m signed on.

Call Tessa Fields for phone sex on

Things to consider before a hypnosis session with me:

I’ve been providing erotic hypnosis for a very long time and my limits are set in stone. Bring your open mind and willingness to have an exceptional time.

I will not indulge time wasters, rude behavior, or games. If you get your rocks off by screwing with hard-working ladies on the internet, I’m not the domme for you.

Preparing for your call:

1. Find a quiet place with minimal distractions so that you may fully relax and get the most out of our session.
2. Hypnosis is based on mutual motivation. You should have a true desire to be hypnotized in order to benefit fully from the experience.
3. Feel free to email me in advance with the details of your requested session, if you feel it would take an unusually long amount of time to discuss on the phone.

Note: There are NO REFUNDS for session credits purchased in advance. You may apply your balance to MP3 purchases, custom recordings, or future sessions.