Live Hypnosis Sessions

I offer live webcam or voice only erotic hypnosis sessions by appointment. The pricing below applies to trance time. I never charge for chit-chat or aftercare. My goal is for both of us to be as comfortable as possible without worrying about the clock.

Voice Only

Sessions conducted via Discord or Skype are PRE-PAID prior to our appointment.

I don’t factor in idle chit chat to my rates. The rates below are for the actual time engaged in hypnotic play.

My calendar fills up rather quickly with my limited availability, so please understand that I may not be able to fit you in on short notice.

My current rates are as follows:

30 min – $100

45 min – $150

46+ min – (Contact for price)


I now offer an option to to trance with me live on camera.

All pre-paid cam sessions must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance so I can prepare my environment, clothing, hair, makeup, etc.

I prefer to offer my video feed via discord regardless of whether or not the session takes place via Discord or Niteflirt. However, I can accommodate other venues such as Skype.

My current rates are as follows:

30 min – $150

45 min – $225

46+ min – (Contact for price)

*Niteflirt – $7.99 per minute

Text Trance

Some subjects enjoy hypnotic play outside of live sessions whether it be a complete trance solely through text or being triggered after a live or pre-recorded session.

The following is pricing for play that you initiate. If decide to toy with you on my own, that’s just me being me!

Text Trance – $75 per hour

Trigger play – $50 minimum tribute per hour

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Additional Information

Webcam Notes

1. If calling through Niteflirt rather than scheduling a prepaid session, you will have to remain connected via their phone system the entire duration of the cam session. I’d advise that you put the proper amount in your account before our session as video will be ceased while you fund your account mid-session.

2. No nudity on my end. If our video session is 2-way, you’re welcome to disrobe. However, my camera view is from the cleavage on up!

3. If you’ve never used a video session option in the past, please do some googling to get setup properly. I simply cannot spend time acting as tech support.

4. For sessions longer than 45 minutes, my “per 15 minutes” rate actually increases. My voice takes much longer to rest and recover after lengthy sessions so I’m unable to start another session right away.


If you find yourself needing to cancel a pre-paid booked session, the funds paid can be used to reschedule your live session or be converted into a gift certificate for my MP3 store. I do not offer refunds.

Cancelling a webcam session without 2 hours notice will result in a $50 debit from funds paid to compensate for time spent doing my hair and makeup and setting up the trance space. 

Cam Previews

I’m happy to send a current webcam preview photo if needed. It will be a screenshot of a recent session to show you the camera angle I use as well as my trance space. 


I offer many ways to pay for your session. Just let me know your preference. Note that I don’t advise prepaying through Niteflirt as I add an additional 30% to offset their processing fees.

My Exclusive Discord server

Created with my fans, friends, and hypno and mind control writers in mind, my hypnosis community is limited to verified customers and by exclusive invitation.