Please Tessa

Recently, there has been an increase in subjects asking how to please me. There are so many things that make me happy. Here is a list of things you can do to please me.

Express yourself!

I love to hear how much you enjoyed a recording or live session. Use the contact form to tell me how much you enjoyed our time together or how sexy you think I am!


Leave your thoughts on any of my recordings at my STORE. This pleases me knowing you enjoyed it just as much as it helps others make their decision as to whether that file is one they may enjoy.

Give a gift!

I don’t typically demand tangible gifts, but like any gal I love receiving them! It is a great compliment to receive something that was given to me without any provocation.

Gift Certificates

You can send gift certificates quite anonymously to gifts (at) from any of the following:

My faves:



My Amazon wishlist

If there is something special you want to send, just email me and I’ll give you instructions!

Cash App

Send anonymously with Cash App!$Tessafi