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Cum Too Soon 1 Confusion

Posted by on Mar 10, 2015 | 3 comments

It has come to my attention that an old oversight has caused a great deal of confusion regarding the Cum Too Soon premature ejaculation hypnosis series. Many are wondering where the first installment is. The first Cum Too Soon is only available on HumiliationPOV with membership. I never realized that my gal pal Vittoria that runs the site renamed it “Brainwashed Premature Ejaculators.”  If you are looking for the first in the series, you’ll have to sign up for a membership at HumiliationPOV. Along with your membership, you’ll have download access to about a dozen of my some of my most popular humiliation files like Slutty Sissy, Trust Me, & You Love Cum.

The MP3 is exclusive to HumiliationPOV and can only be obtained if you are a member of the site. This is fantastic news for you as the membership price is exactly what I would charge for this recording normally, but in addition you get access to TONS of videos, stories, audios, photos, and LIVE webcams of nothing but REAL girls teasing and humiliating you. Their forum is very active so you can have very personal humiliating attention round the clock!

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One Night With Tessa MP3

Posted by on Jan 16, 2015 | 3 comments


Have you ever imagined what it might be like to spend the night with your favorite sexy hypnotist? It’s a privilege that so many dream of, but so few will ever get to experience.  In this Tease & Denial erotic hypnosis session, I invite you to spend the night with me in my hotel room.   I’m visiting your hometown, and I would love to share your company. 

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Quick Update

Posted by on Jan 6, 2015 | 0 comments

You probably noticed that the site looks a little familiar today. I am having an error with the mobile end of my site and have activated this old design to try and troubleshoot the problem. If you are unable to access my site on a mobile device, please set your browser to load the desktop version and you can view it normally without the error.

I had planned on redesigning the site anyway, so a fresh new look is coming this week!

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Memories of Forgetting MP3

Posted by on Dec 12, 2014 | 2 comments


Remember to forget with this amnesia session for the true Tessaphile!

You’ll take a little walk with me into the depths of your mind, forgetting details of past sessions with me so that they are new again when you return to them. While I’m so deep in your mind, I’ll be strengthening your servitude towards me. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself waking up longing to please me. This is a mellow toned session so it won’t break that trancing kind of mood.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This session is meant to be looped in after listening to any another session of mine. This was originally a custom file designed for just this purpose.

Release Date     12/12/2014
Recording Quality     Stereo
Length in Minutes     29:58
Background Music     Yes
Subliminal Layering     No
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions     Yes – To please me
Topics/Fetishes     amnesia, servitude, enslavement, femdom, Tessa devotion, brainwashing


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Stuff Your Stocking Holiday Sale

Posted by on Dec 12, 2014 | 0 comments


Through December 25th, buy any file in my MP3 store and get one FREE! No coupon and no limits! I rarely run this deep of a discount so now is the time to stuff your stocking for the holidays! Visit MP3sByTessa.com!

If you’d like to stuff my stocking, I’ve created a special wishlist just for the holidays! Pamper your Goddess HERE!



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