I shared this on facebook and thought I’d share it here too.

Awkward moment: I’m very open about what I do and have never made any attempts to hide it from my loved ones. I’m on the phone with my dad talking about credit card processing issues and my frustrations with it. 

Dad: Why is so hard to get an account for hypnosis?
Me: It is the erotic part coupled with hypnosis that presents the problem.
Dad: (silence)……
Me: Dad?
Dad: Erotic?
Me: Yes. I told you I was moving from clinical to erotic hypnosis almost 6 years ago. Have you ever looked at my website? I email you from it all the time.
Dad: I thought you said EXOTIC hypnosis.
Me: No. I definitely said erotic hypnosis. What did you think exotic hypnosis would entail?
Dad: I don’t know……..(long ass silence)………….
Me: Dad?
Dad: I’ve got to go. I need to feed the dog.

I guess he is fully in the loop now! We’ve emailed since and he seems to be a little bit over the shock even though I did have to read a few paragraphs on his disappointment that I’m not using my degree. I’ve been hearing that ever since I enrolled in hypnotherapy classes, so that came as no surprise.

Who knows about your hypno-fetish? Does your partner know? Your friends? Your family? If they don’t, how do you think they would react if told?