OK. Just to be honest and clear, I’m fuming right now. I’m not mad at a person as much as perception right now.

I just received an email that is so similar to many I’ve received over the years that I’m going to answer this one publicly so that I will hopefully have to answer less of these in the future. 

Here is what I received:

Hello Miss Tessa,
i have been listening to Your hypnosis for several months. i think i have every one You have made. i want to serve You so bad but i worry that i dont see others feeling the same way like other Ladies slaves. Is Your hypnosis powerful enough to make me a slave forever? i want to serve a beautiful Dominate Lady like You but i want to know that You want to make me. Tell me what to do to serve You and what will You do to make sure i serve You.

-sillynimrodnobrain (name changed to protect the moronic)

My response:

Dear dumdum,

First, please drop the i/I, you/You bullshit. I have no doubt you write that way with respect intended, but it is annoying to read an entire letter written that way.

You remind me of the guy who comes in for a smoking cessation hypnotherapy session and then writes later saying “Thank you for the session, but I don’t think hypnosis worked. I decided on my own after leaving your office that I would quit cold turkey.” You have every session I have made and are concerned whether or not my hypnosis is powerful enough? 1. Do you think there just might be a reason you keep acquiring my files? 2. I’m not just good. I’m really fucking good. I’ve spent over a decade in hypnosis and almost 6 years in erotic hypnosis with enough certifications and experience for you to choke on.

You are concerned that my fans, subs, and frequent listeners are not vocal enough? First off, that’s really none of your damned business. Secondly, I never ask anyone to promote me. I simply don’t have a “cult of personality” business model. The mere fact that every single file outsells the last tells me all I need to know. At the end of the day, that is what it comes down to…what I need to know. Hypnosis has allowed me to spend the last two summers in Paris without working. Hypnosis allowed me to buy a home in cash. I suppose I consider those things more of a metric to assess my success by than words. As previously stated, it is really none of your business.

Last but certainly not the least idiotic thing you asked of me…tell you what to do to serve me? Make you serve me? Who the hell are you? Do I know you? Have you taken the time to get to know me? Have you any idea if we are a good fit? I’m very appreciative that you have enjoyed my art and continue to, but does that somehow entitle you to demand to be told what to do and that I tell you what I will do to insure your loyalty? I think I can tell already that you are not someone I’d take a liking to.


Here is the thing. I love emails. I adore those that are affected by my work. I am overwhelmed daily by the gratitude and admiration of my fans. I’ve often been referred to as subtle or understated and I’m OK with that. It is who I am. The thing that I don’t care for is my demeanor being mistaken for weakness. The reason I don’t solicit testimonials or require legions of “vocal” fans is because I simply do not need it to thrive. I adore kind words about my work, private or public, but I have confidence in my art and skill and just don’t require the validation. I’m not putting anyone down here. I have wonderful friends in this fetish that do need that and it is OK by me. It is just not how I am and that is not going to change anytime soon.