A true story from my past…

Imagine for a moment…you are a visitor to Las Vegas, NV. You ask your taxi driver where you can have a little adult fun. He assures you that he knows where you can find a “sure thing,” beyond the tease of a strip club. He drops you off in the parking lot of a strip mall littered with seedy night clubs. You’re just close enough to the glittering lights of the Las Vegas Strip to convince yourself this is still part of the Vegas experience. Beautiful women call out to you from the entrances “$10 cover…no drink minimum…party with the ladies all night long!” You notice a stunning woman with an hourglass figure and the most mesmerizing eyes you have ever seen. She is not like the others. She doesn’t say a word, she just stares at you with a knowing look and a hint of a wicked grin. The shouts of the other ladies fade into silence as you become transfixed by her gaze. She is the one fantasies are made of and the only one on your mind. As you approach, she turns and disappears into the darkness of the entrance. Without a single rational thought as to what you are doing, you hastily shove a $20 dollar bill at the cashier and forget all about your change. There is only one thing on your mind….her. 

Once you gain entrance and glance inside, you know you are somewhere quite different. The club is empty and the music is loud. A deserted disco dance floor shines light onto the bar across the room. There is just enough light to illuminate the only thing you care about in this moment. She sits at the bar demurely, long curly dark hair cascades down from her shoulders gently framing her cleavage. A long black lace dress hugs her frame and only reveals her generous bust and legs that go on for miles. Intense green eyes, a shade of which you have never seen in nature, burn through you. She gently pats the stool next to her and you nervously take a seat. Time seems to stand still as she begins to get to know you. Her voice is so soft against the blaring music that you are forced to lean in close to hear her. Her warm breath against your ear gives you shivers and your stare is locked in on those glorious breasts. Mechanically, you answer her questions, unaware that she is evaluating you. With a gentle finger under your chin, she lifts your head to look at you and asks as she nods “You’d like to be alone with me, wouldn’t you?” You don’t care how or why, you just barely mouth the word “Yes.”

Her body language changes to something much more formal in an instant as she calls over the bartender. The shift in intimacy is like a shot through the heart. You want that moment back. The bartender arrives and his booming voice quickly breaks your train of thought. He speaks to you as if you are childhood friends. He wants to do you a favor. He’s going to arrange it so that you can spend the entire evening alone with her in the back room. “Listen boss, I can’t sell the girls and can’t sell their time,” he says as he motions to a large sign that reads “Prostitution is illegal in Clark County, Nevada. “But if you buy a bottle of wine, she’ll be happy to share it with you.” He’s trying to let you in on a secret without incriminating himself. Just buy a bottle of wine and your dreams will come true. He proposes a price that you would most likely never spend on a single bottle of wine, but somehow the price seems fair when she leans in to let you know that she wants to have you alone. Before you know it, you are signing a credit card slip and following this goddess to heaven.

An enormous security guard leads the way to the back and pulls back vinyl straps that make up the doors of a small room with a gas fueled fireplace and black vinyl seating all around. The lighting is low and only seems to highlight every curve of her body. All your questions and hesitations vanish as you watch that perfectly round, firm bottom wiggle at you as she sets the wine and glasses down on a small table. She pours into 2 glasses a small splash of wine and leaves them on the table. Together, you sit on a couch and the atmosphere seems to change once again. She strokes your arm as she reveals how excited she is to have you all to herself. Misreading her cue, you attempt to unbutton your shirt. Her hand covers yours and she says “There is no reason to rush. I want to take my time with you. We have all night.” You feel as if she is trying to let you know that you are different, that somehow you have stood out above and beyond all that have entered the doors of this place…and you are beginning to believe it. She explains to you that she wants to get business out of the way so the two of you won’t be bothered for the rest of the evening. For only $20, the club offers a condom and lotion package that entitles you to all the condoms and lotion you will need for the entire night. You wonder how you got so lucky and stumbled into this perfect situation with this woman. As she plucks the bill from your hand, she lets you know that she will be just moment, as she wants to slip into something more comfortable.

20 minutes crawl by as you try to stifle your impatience with the thoughts of what the evening will surely bring. At last, she enters with a single condom and a trial sized bottle of lotion. A long, sheer, black robe belted at the waist reveals a lacy black bra and panties that barely cover that little piece of heaven. Your arousal becomes impossible to hide. She saunters across the room with only you in her sights. Like a deer in headlights, you are speechless as she comes close and stands over you. Her body begins to sway, hips creating a rhythm that moves into time to the music in her head. “Look at me,” she says. “I want to be with you and I know how badly you want to be with me. I hate that things work the way they do here, but that first bottle of wine takes care of the bar. If we are going to have some real fun, you are going to want to buy me another bottle, so you can take care of me.” It seems logical, but you’ve already spent so much. She seems to sense your hesitation.

Her fingertips trace the edge of her robe as she barely caresses the skin of her breasts reminding you of their glory. She leans in close, bending down to have your absolute attention. Her perfume touches your senses as she begins to speak “It’s easy to get what you want. All you have to do is let go, let go of your thoughts about what will happen after this evening and focus on what will happen. Time means nothing. I know as you look into my eyes that you can sense my thoughts. Just let go of all these silly thoughts baby. We just happened to find each other in this crazy place. You shouldn’t over-think it. Why think at all? Let me do all the work. Just let go. Give in to what you want. A few pennies on your credit card will never compare to the memory of this night…” Your resistance is fading. you nod along with her as she casts her spell. Without thinking, your hand finds your wallet once again….

This woman was Lisa, the first “hypnotist” that I ever met. She wasn’t a trained hypnotist, but to this day I have never seen the power of persuasion played as masterfully as Lisa delivered it. Every movement and word was deliberate. Men fell over themselves for just one more moment with her, even knowing that the covert promises of sex would never come true. To this day, I try to channel the essence of Lisa when I write, trance, and seduce. She will forever be my inspiration.

How I met her: In my second year of college, I was on scholarship, but I needed a job for things like food and fun and I needed to work nights. I answered an ad for a cashier at an adult nightclub. I assumed I’d be working at a strip club, but I had no idea that I’d be working for the infamous “sex-tease” clubs of Las Vegas as I thought they had all been shut down. While the indictments were pending against the owner, the general manager was still operating these clubs. In short, the sex-tease clubs were designed to trick men into thinking they were in a well hidden brothel. In reality, a customer was hustled to keep buying bottles of wine at outrageous prices with the implied promise of sex fueling the purchases. Very few left satisfied and only walked away with the taste of bad non-alcoholic wine on their lips, an unused condom in their pocket, and down more money than they would have ever lost at the blackjack table. I didn’t last very long as the deceit gave me a lot of sleepless nights. Lisa was the first person that befriended me at the club and I was just as intrigued by her as the men that were beguiled by her. I spent a great deal of time watching her work and peaking from behind those vinyl straps. I’m sure she has long forgotten me, but I will never forget her as she continues to inspire me every single day.