I’ve been on the fence about something for a long time and I’ve finally made a decision. I’ve never been in the habit of insisting on reviews of my hypnosis sessions. In fact, I always found that a little bit tacky and contrived. I’ve changed my view on this….a little. 

Occasionally, I will receive an email from someone struggling to decide if a particular file is something they would like. There simply is not enough information for some, because the internet has trained us to depend on testimonials.

So here is my request…

IF you have had an experience with one of my sessions that impacted you in a special way, please take a few moments to leave a constructive review on either my store or Inraptured, or both!

To leave a review on, just log in to your account and navigate to the page of the file you wish to review. Scroll down to the “customer feedback” tab. Rate it from 1-5 stars, change your name to whatever you like, and leave your review. Very simple!

To leave a review for an erotic hypnosis session on Inraptured, navigate to the marketplace, located under “Shop” on the main menu. Search for the session and click its page. Once you are on the page of the desired session, click on the yellow button on the right that says “Write a testimonial.” It is pretty self-explanatory from there. Here is an important note about leaving reviews on Inraptured: If you intend to leave multiple reviews, please spread them out over time. Leaving one after the other clogs up the main feed and is considered “spamming the board in promotion of one hypnotist.”

Thank you all for considering my request! It will help others to discover which files are right for them!

One more thing…if you are not comfortable leaving a public review, you are still welcome to message me and share your thoughts. I love hearing from you!