So…now that I have your attention 😉 I was in group Skype chat a few weeks ago and was asked a question by a long time fan of my hypnotic works that I never really considered before. “Tessa, just what are your kinks? You never really talk about them.” I was floored, to say the least. Somehow, I thought I had or at a minimum, thought it was obvious. The answer really isn’t simple so instead I hope you’ll indulge me while I share a story. 

When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with the thought of magic. The thought of making someone say yes when the brain said no was exciting. I wasn’t interested in parlor tricks. I wanted real witch in a pointy hat magic. I wanted to fly. I wanted to be invisible. I wanted to make my dad take me to the library every day and not just Saturdays. I would actually stay up at night sort of stressed out over whether or not it was real or could be real.

I was an academically gifted kid and like all annoying know it all kids, I became fairly bossy. I come from a family of strong women, so it was in the cards regardless. There are countless videos of me as a child bossing my cousins around. While we played “house” at other kid’s houses, we played “bank” and “president” at my house. I think you can probably guess by now who the president was or the bank manager. In my room, Barbie never married Ken and had babies. Ken cleaned the house and rubbed Barbie’s feet after a long day at the office.

In my teenage years, I was still bossy. I grew up around a ton of rich kids while we were upper middle class at best. While I was grateful that my parents sacrificed so we could live in a nice area and have access to a great education, it would have been hard to compete with kids getting BMWs for their sixteenth birthday and allowances that rivaled my parents income. I decided the only way to survive socially was to be the best at everything I could control. I gave horseback riding lessons and created and sold items in the boutique at my mother’s salon for cash. I turned my dance experience into co-captain of my cheer squad. I also used my bossiness and boobs to manipulate those around me. I was a leader and although I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, I was kind of a bitch. I developed my love of femme fatale characters during this period too. The more wicked they were, the sexier I thought they were.

Fast forward to my college and adult life…I’m a sexually assertive woman with a bossy side. I don’t seem to fit into vanilla relationships. I turned to BDSM thinking it was the only sector that would accept a woman like me. While wielding a whip and pressing my heels into the chest of a begging submissive boy was sexy and will always have a place in my heart, I wasn’t getting what I wanted. I’m a sensual person and could never really find the right balance.  It took me several years to get out of the lifestyle and figure out what I really wanted.

Along the way, I discovered hypnosis when I was looking to quit smoking. I started to see a little magic there and decided this was what I wanted to do. A well-known, but sadly now inactive hypnodomme introduced me to femdom hypnosis a few years later. I was instantly intrigued and hooked. A vehicle that combined a sense of magic and my sensual, dominant side? I was in. Like a lot of ladies, I felt that I had to appeal to what was in fashion in the hypno scene and took a couple of years to really find my rhythm.

So here is where I really answer the question. I love the idea of creating want. I want your body to beg for my control before your mind even catches up. I want to seduce you, confuse you, and watch you dangle like a puppet on string when that want is overwhelming. My current and future erotic hypnosis sessions reflect the real me. Every past part of me resides there too. I get aroused playing with your thoughts and body. Sometimes the sensual side of me just wants to devour you while every now and then that bitchy cheerleader wants to gently tease you. When I start an induction, I feel like that witch casting a spell. That femme fatale in me wants to flirt with danger and seduce you with my body and mind while masterfully mindfucking your weakened mind.

A short list of things I love, although rarely all at the same time:

My breasts




Your begging


Energy exchange

Dangerous women

Taking the tough guy down

Teasing humiliation (not soul crushing)

Body worship

Sexily seducing a new handbag out of a man, not ruining him to the point of a cardboard box on the corner


Tease & Denial

Things I don’t love and will most likely not provide any longer:

Severe findom



Thank you if you’ve read this far. I wanted to provide more than just a list. We are all products of our environments and experiences. While to some I am Mistress, Goddess, etc. and I like it that way, this is just about me as a real life, every day woman that is lucky enough to get to share myself with all of you…just as I am. No excuses or apologies. Just Tessa

One last thing, I also love to ambush my admirers. I call it getting “boobed.” I send out random cleavage shots like this…