I hope that everyone had a great Halloween and enjoyed the heck out of Sequel Week!

To answer the popular question from my inbox, “Where is Tough Guy 2?,” I ran into a few tech issues on Friday morning when I was trying to finish the editing and due to time and other commitments, I had to put it on the shelf for the weekend. I’m going to be working on the problem today so that I can release it ASAP! I’ve saved this sequel for last as I think it is the hottest session of the bunch! 

I think we can all agree that my commitments that involved my portrayal of Morticia (Mor-Tessa) Addams (see pic above) was much more important! 😉


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Last week, I was surprised with an amazing gift and it just arrived today….a 3D microphone! I cannot even begin to express just how excited I am at the prospect of creating sessions that feel as if I’m right there…sexily whispering in your ear. These mics have the ability to create sound that sounds as if it comes from any desired location around you…left, right, behind, near, far, or right between your legs. Between this mic and my new equipment that I’m getting sessions ready on, I’m fairly certain that your mind will be melting in the very near future.

My mind has been racing ever since I found out that it was on its way with ideas of what kind of sessions could be made even sexier with this new equipment. I’d love to know if any of my boys have their creative juices flowing too and might be thinking of hypnotic experiences that could really be something amazing in binaural sound. I’d love to hear from you if you think of something sexy!