^^That pic for some reason reminds me of how a few of my chaste fellas must be feeling right now!

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope all of you are off to the start of a wonderful holiday season.

Most of you probably noticed that I took a little break after sequel week. That was far more exhausting than anticipated, but I’m thinking that might have to become an annual thing. Perhaps I’ll take a little vote and see which sessions you’d like to experience a new level of. Although Tough Guy 2 was a runaway success, it would appear by the response in my inbox that Tessa’s Chamber 2 won the week!. Apparently you fellas enjoy a little good spirited torment in my brainwashing chamber.  

Since sequel week, things have been a little bit rough. My family got some bad news, I somehow pulled my tricep at Crossfit, made a grand entrance in the form of a faceplant (damned stilettos!) on Thanksgiving, and now I’ve got my annual case of tonsillitis. Some days, even the life of a Goddess can be a comedy of errors! Nonetheless, my spirits are high and I’m really excited about so many things. I’m grateful for feeling so re-invigorated in my craft this year and really looking forward to the coming year and what it is sure to entail!

I only have a couple of new releases left for this year, but look out for 2015. That’s when the sessions made on the new equipment will be coming! I’ll be sending out gift certificates out to my donators shortly after the first of the year to grab those hot new files! I’m also learning how to use my new 3D mic and I think you’ll really find your mind blown by just how immersive these sessions will be. I’ve been using my boy as lab rat while experimenting with it and I’ve watched his body literally tremble at key moments in those test sessions.

The thing that I’m probably most excited about is communication with you. I know that most of my sessions are designed to provide an experience that you can walk away from without after-effects, but this year has shown me that I really miss toying with you. (My chaste boys might know what I’m talking about!) I’ve really got a focus on sprinkling in some good old-fashioned brainwashing this upcoming year.

I’ve got many projects on my plate that have not quite got the attention that they deserve, but I promise I’m working on it. Good Boys Club will be revamped and moved. does have tasty things coming. will of course get another makeover. I’ve also got some other surprises up my sleeve! I’d like to be able to give dates, but I’ve found that I jinx myself every time I do…so I guess I’ll just have to leave you in suspense!

I’ve got something very exciting coming in December for my newsletter subscribers, so it you aren’t on the list, get on it NOW!

I meant to write much more, but the NyQuil is starting to kick in…wonder if there is something good on Netflix