It has come to my attention that an old oversight has caused a great deal of confusion regarding the Cum Too Soon premature ejaculation hypnosis series. Many are wondering where the first installment is. The first Cum Too Soon is only available on HumiliationPOV with membership. I never realized that my gal pal Vittoria that runs the site renamed it “Brainwashed Premature Ejaculators.”  If you are looking for the first in the series, you’ll have to sign up for a membership at HumiliationPOV. Along with your membership, you’ll have download access to about a dozen of my some of my most popular humiliation files like Slutty Sissy, Trust Me, & You Love Cum.

The MP3 is exclusive to HumiliationPOV and can only be obtained if you are a member of the site. This is fantastic news for you as the membership price is exactly what I would charge for this recording normally, but in addition you get access to TONS of videos, stories, audios, photos, and LIVE webcams of nothing but REAL girls teasing and humiliating you. Their forum is very active so you can have very personal humiliating attention round the clock!