For some reason, I just feel the need to give a shout out to all of my fabulous boys.

These last few months have been some of the hardest of my life. My father was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer, my lovely new niece got to start her journey into the world in the ICU, and my best friend of 21 years passed away. My dogs are also jerks, but that’s a chronic condition that’s been going on for years 😉 I’ve always been able to balance my struggles with my work, but I seriously had to just disconnect from time to time to get through all of this. Things are a bit more balanced and bearable now, thankfully.

Yesterday, something amazing happened. The world suddenly treated me like a goddess! Before I even made my first cup of coffee, the UPS man showed up with wish list goodies, some generous tributes were gifted to me, and heaps of email about my latest session, The Brain Wash, showed up in my inbox. My new file was still in the top 4 of top selling files this week on Niteflirt. It was a great start to the day and it was going to get even better. I went to Crossfit and achieved 2 personal records on my lifting (watch out for my muscles!) A random adoring fella paid for my Jamba Juice after class. My neighbor took my recycling to the bin for me. A good boy gifted me a software license so I can get newsletter back up and running! On top of everything…I won’t go into too much detail, but the things that my fella was begging to be hypnotized into are going to make for one steamy weekend.

Today, I woke up to a dozen roses delivered from one of my chaste boys…one for each month of his chastity circuits. They are sitting next to the roses that came from another good boy in the wake of my best friend’s passing. My condo smells so lovely!

There are several other little things that have made today great already and I’m feeling overwhelmed, but for the first time in awhile, overwhelmed feels great!

So what it comes down to is that I really want you fellas to know how much I adore having you in my life. Many of my relationships are so intimate, so personal, and so special to me. They all have every different dynamics and it keeps my life so exciting and every day is a new adventure. I know I’m getting sappy here, but I just adore all of you!

This Goddess is going to throw a gardenia bath bomb in the tub now and soak in a steaming bath while dreaming up new ways to entice, hypnotize, and seduce you now….