A while back, Google announced that they would start penalizing websites without a mobile version. There was nothing available to make a mobile version of MP3sByTessa.com so I had to change platforms. It turned out to be a positive change I think!

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks putting together an entire new store from the ground up. There are still some design changes and little tweaks to be made, but I’m very excited how it came out!

There are some things you need to keep in mind when shopping the new hypnosis store…

Your Account – Your account has been imported, but passwords were not. You will have to use the lost password function to enable your old account. You will only have to do this once.

Gift Certificate Balances – Your gift certificate balances have been transferred to a store credit. You will receive an email informing you of your balance. Once you enable your old account, the store credit amount will automatically be applied to your account and available to you upon checkout.

Prior Orders – Old orders will take some time to import. If you need to access an old order, just contact me.

Errors – The store was rebuilt from the ground up so I’m sure I may have missed a thing or 2. If you spot an error or something isn’t working quite right, please contact me and I’ll try to fix it right away.

What are you waiting for? Go check it out! MP3sByTessa.com