Erotic Hypnosis Path

As I’m getting ready to release a batch of new erotic hypnosis sessions, I’m already dreading the typical panicked emails that I will receive when I do. For some, there seems to be an assumption that each file is an indicator of where I’d like to take you on your erotic journey next. For example, when I first released the premature ejaculation hypnosis file Cum Too Soon 2, I was bombarded with emails from concerned subjects. “Please Tessa, this isn’t what I want to do!”

This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for some time. It won’t apply to everyone, but for some, it is something that needs to be heard.

Power Exchange Limits

It is a tantalizing fantasy to think of a dominant woman relentlessly brainwashing you and losing all control of your own will and limitations. The thought of having no choices and beginning a life as a helpless sex slave to a beautiful domina definitely has its appeal. The hard truth is that no one person truly has “no limits.” For every person that I have heard utter those words, there has been at least one thing I have found them unwilling to try. The good news is that having limits is a good thing. Limits preserve your self respect and healthy mind. Limits are how you define¬†your personal pleasure boundaries. In any responsible power exchange, the submissive person has a right to set limits and the dominant has a duty to respect said limits.

You know where your interests lie. You know what turns you on and off and what you have an unsure interest in trying. It may seem logical to let your arousal guide you in choosing your limits and most of the time that works out well. It is healthy to test the boundaries of your soft limits and determine if it really is something you enjoy. A skilled dominant knows just how to introduce you to those uncharted waters without creating a terrible memory.

As it applies to Erotic Hypnosis

We all know that hypnosis is a powerful tool that is most commonly used to create very real internal changes. A single session for some can alter bad behaviors and create healthier habits. When such a tool is used in the erotic sense, the possibilities are limitless. You may just stay in the safe zone of your known interests or dabble in something a little risque. Some will dive into anything and may one day find themselves wondering why they are in a dress, wearing a diaper, looking for a glory hole, and cum in their pants every time they see a stop sign.

In the realm of erotic hypnosis, being aware of your soft and hard limits is essential. Since most erotic hypnotists on the internet have absolutely no way of knowing who is going to indulge in their work next, the responsibility lies in your hands to do your homework.

Example: You absolutely know 100% that no way in hell would you ever suck a dick, yet that new strap-on hypnosis session by Mistress Whosiewhatsit sounds kind of hot and you’re OK with it as long as it is her phallus. Perhaps, you are concerned there will be suggestions that will make you want a real cock. Solution: ASK HER!

You have a right to know what you’re getting yourself into. Some hypnosis sessions have vague descriptions and there is a certain appeal to a mystery file that simply says “Trust me! You’re going to love it!” I feel that is how almost every horror story I’ve heard in this fetish has begun. When in doubt, put your big boy pants back on, tell your cock to shut up for a minute and ask the questions.

The Erotic Journey

I am only speaking for myself here as I cannot pretend to know how every other person intends their files to be used. I have many interests sexually and not all of them will align with your yours. I take great care to mention every possible element that one may find offending in my descriptions. It is impossible to know every aversion that may come up while writing my file descriptions, but I do my best to make you aware of what is in the hypnosis session while not providing a complete spoiler of the file.

My feelings are NOT going to be hurt if you don’t grab my latest hypnotic creation. I’m not going to ignore you because you indulge in most of my files and then pass on that strap-on session. The order that I release my femdom hypnosis sessions tend to be somewhat random. That order is not intended to be where I want you to go next. It just happens to be what I was enjoying creating at the moment. I want to challenge your limits, but I really, really, really don’t want to ignore them. I just want you to have as much fun as I’m having. If your idea of fun does not include the content in my latest file, then please skip right over it. I want to take you on the journey that brings both of us the most pleasure.