Perfect Husband



Perfect Husband

This is a file for a pretty specific audience as it is a non-exclusive custom session that I recorded recently.

Your wife has sent you to quite the unethical hypnotherapist that specializes in helping men that have cheating tendencies to be cured of that little problem with a special type of therapy.

Unbeknownst to you, your wife and therapist have decided together that the only solution is to turn you gay. There is only room for one woman in your life, but plenty of men! Find yourself checking out men, craving cock, and only able to orgasm to the thought of men. You’ll seek out hot men to bring home to your wife, acting as a fluffer, right before they fuck your wife in front of you. You’ll be so humiliated watching them since she’s the only woman left that you have any attraction for. You’ll be the perfect husband!

26:20 minutes
Stereo recording
Ambient Music: Yes
Posthypnotic suggestions: Yes
Topics/Fetishes: Forced gay, cocksucking, cuckolding, ass worship, cock worship, humiliation


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January 8, 2014

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