I have 3 three unreleased humiliation hypnosis recordings that I made for a customer on a non-exclusive basis. Someone requested these from me earlier and I thought “Why not make them available to everyone?”

Keep in mind that these were made for one specific customer’s tastes and the inductions are little shorter than normal.

These recordings are only sold together for $75 for all 3! If you would like one or all of them please visit my femdom hypnosis store.

Recording #1 Pathetic Pig 27:33 minutes

This recording is very heavy humiliation that makes it so that you must squeal like the pig you are in order to cum.

Recording #2 I am slave 24:07 minutes

This was recorded from a live session and is not perfect in quality as my voice was a little weak. This contains many triggers with regards to control and servitude. It is intended to turn your identity only to that of a slave heavily dominated by the arousal created by dominant women and the humiliation they give.

Recording #3 Denied 26:24 minutes

This was created from a live session as well and was recorded at the same time as I am slave so my voice is a little weak. The background music layer is a little strong by request, but I can turn it down and re-export it if you prefer. This one has a great deal of small dick humiliation. It is complete orgasm denial, keeping you hard and frustrated.

Price: $74.99


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November 9, 2010

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