I thought this was so amusing, I just had to share. One of My boys bought my Forever tease & denial MP3 and was more affected by it than he thought! He called me to tell Me that he hasn’t had an orgasm in 13 days. My recording made him feel as if he could not come until a dominant woman allowed him release. He was calling hoping that I would finally allow him to orgasm.

Of course, my mind started traveling the opposite direction. (Bad Tessa!) I decided to toy with him a bit. He was completely unaware that I was creating a vision of denial in his head that he was actually being led down into a deep sensual trance. I created a scenario in his head of watching Me pleasure Myself while he knelt between My legs watching with his hands clasped behind him. I could feel his frustration mounting as I painted the scene. I almost felt sorry for him, but not enough to stop pulling his strings like a puppet. When I knew he was extremely excited, but not close enough to full orgasm, I allowed him an opportunity to come. If he could orgasm within the time frame of hearing “COME NOW” three times, I would allow it. I knew full well that he, in particular, would not be able to do so. When I said “COME NOW” the first time, I could hear him fervently trying to set land-speed records jerking off. It was hard to contain a giggle as I repeated the phrase twice more. As planned, he didn’t make it fast enough and I laughed at his frustration.He begged over and over to try again, but i only replied with a simple, reserved “No”.

I explained to him that he would have to try another day. Although so frustrated, he has resigned to this mental chastity until I allow him release. I must admit to being a little amazed that he was so affected from one listen of My erotic hypnosis recordings that he put himself in chastity only allowed to come with the permission of Dominant women!