Now that things have settled down with moving my office and home, I have been able to take live hypnosis calls on a more regular basis now. It has been such an amazing experience as it has completely recharged my sensuality, sexuality, and dominance. the subjects vary so much in their interests so much that it is never a dull moment. I love that sound of release that some make in that moment they go under…I love those small reactions that are barely audible when I suggest one may physically feel something…I even love that dazed and confused tone of voice that so many have after coming up from a very deep hypnotic state.

I get asked quite often what my favorite type of erotic hypnosis is. I do enjoy the power in guiding a subject’s mind, but I really could not pick a favorite in this moment. I relish the sounds of frustration with a tease and denial call, the fun that sissies can bring, the sensual journey of guided masturbation, and how the use of words create such vivid imagery for me as well the subject.

I’m just really thankful right now to have had such amazing callers this week. It has definitely made the creative juices start to flow. I’ve written a several new recordings for release very soon in foot fetish/voyeur, financial domination, cuckolding, brainwashing, feminization, chastity, and a tasty new one that I don’t even know how to categorize quite yet! I’m even considering offering a new full-release MP3 for free.

I’m also working a set of hypnotic animations that I will give a page of their own on the site sometime next month.

So many ideas…too many projects…and not nearly enough hours in the day!