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The Gamble MP3

Posted by on May 13, 2011 | 2 comments

The Gamble Guided Masturbation Hypnosis

Alternate endings! 2 Files…1 Price!

Are you ready to take a risk? The gamble gives you the best of both worlds with a kind, sweet Tessa in one ear with a much more wicked Tessa in your other ear. One Tessa wants to take you down into hypnosis soft and gentle, while the other wants to take you down hard and fast. In this guided masturbation session, the 2 Tessa’s will compete for control of your mind, stroke, and orgasm!

You get 2 files with an alternate ending. I haven’t marked which one is which, so you’ll just have to pick one, hit play, and take a gamble!

Topics: Guided Masturbation, obey command, good vs. evil, sensual hypnosis, female control and dominance, cum command(depending on file)

This file should absolutely be listened to with stereo headphones. I’m sure it would be enjoyable without, but for the full experience‚Ķplease do!

Stereo Recording

25:00 minutes

Ambient background music



  1. There are two Tessa’s in this recording. There is the sweet/gentle Tessa, and the wicked/contolling Tessa. They battle for your attention. It seemed as if I was having two seperate individual trance sessions. Two different trance sessions (yet simultaneously), flip flopping, as the two Tessa’s battle for your attention. There are two versions of the recording. At the end of each recording, one Tessa fades, and one Tessa takes control to finish the trance session. Needed to say, both versions of the recording are very enjoyable. I guess this is presented as a gamble to see if you can select your favorite Tessa. But in my opinion, no matter which Tessa you end up with, you will be a winner !

  2. Geez, that’s ublnieevable. Kudos and such.

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