I’ve been producing the best quality audio that I have been able to for almost 3 years now with my little Blue™ microphone and some decent audio software. I think most would agree that the sound in my erotic hypnosis files has been adequate and possibly even a bit above average. I would really like to increase my sound to enhance your experience and accomplish vocal and sound effects that I have not had the resources to implement into my work in the past. I’ve done a great deal of research on what I need and what is feasible to afford. I’d really like to raise the funds to buy a new condenser microphone and mixer before my birthday on September 29th. What a birthday present that would be!
If you’d like to support better sound in my work, please consider donating (anonymously if you like) through GoFundMe on their secure website. I’ve added some perk levels to the page that entitle you to one or more of the new sessions recorded on the new equipment. Please check out the details by clicking below and let’s rock the hypnotic experience together!