As you can tell by now, I’ve re-designed my site once again! I’ve almost got my new credit card processor in place so I can release new files and it got me so excited that I decided to celebrate by sprucing up the place! Yes, I realize I just could have celebrated with a glass of wine!

I’ve been wanting to create a look that represents how I’m feeling and the new hypnosis sessions that are coming up. I’ve spent time in Paris the last 2 summers dancing and it was so inspiring. I did so much script writing and the ideas just never stopped coming. It is easy to see why the city has inspired so many. I know there of tons of brainwashing and servitude hypnosis files out there and I’ve got my fair share coming up, but Paris inspired so many fantasies that the majority of what I wrote came from those fantastical thoughts and imagery. Expect the sexy, but also expect the fun, odd, and even a little bizarre re-writing of history! There will be things that are a little off the beaten path for me, but I hope that you trust that I’ll find a way to put the Tessa Touch on those files to continue to captivate your imagination just as I’ve always tried to.

Stay tuned folks…this little gal is getting ready to take over the world!