I recently did a custom for a listener that uses a prostate massager to enhance masturbation and have internal orgasms. The session allowed for him to be led into a deep trance and be led to multiple hypnotically induced internal orgasms and ending with a earth-shattering explosion through guided masturbation, all with femdom flavor. The hypnosis session was designed for use with Aneros’ EuphoSyn prostate massager using their specific exercises, but could be used with any of their massagers. 

I am in the process of reformatting the session to suit a general audience and for all prostate stimulators (unless I hear back from them that I can specifically promote it for their line.) If anyone has a EuphoSyn or similar and would like to engage in this experience, please contact me to order or get more details. The session is $50 and is over 45 minutes long. I will only be selling this privately until I get permission from Aneros to sell it on my store (trademark issues and such.) It will be ready Sunday or Monday.

More about Aneros massagers:

From their website https://www.aneros.com/benefits/the-super-o/

The Super-O is the ultimate pleasure a man can have.
Super Orgasm, Super-O, or Dream Orgasm. “Super Orgasm” is a term coined by an Aneros super-expert for the unbelievable pleasurable sensations he experienced with the Aneros prostate stimulator. In a forum post a few years back he described the pleasure as such, and the name stuck and is now deeply ingrained into the Aneros vernacular. It was originally called the elusive “Dream Orgasm,” but “Super-O” is the common term now.
The “Super-O” is very personal and different for each individual, but the consensus is that it is actually a series of smaller, dry, full-body orgasms (“Mini-Os”) which builds into a single or series of large full-body orgasms. Our customers say it is the most intense and beautiful pleasure they have ever experienced.
Many men can achieve the “Super-O” on the first use of the Aneros prostate stimulator. For others, “the path to the Super-O” takes patience, relaxation, and practice — sometimes a matter of months of becoming more in tune with his body with the help of the Aneros prostate stimulator. The problem for some users is the more you concentrate and want to force the “Super-O” to happen, the more difficult it is to achieve. For many men, learning to totally give in to the sensations and not trying to control them is the path leading to the “Super-O.”

Read more about the EuphoSyn.

If you aren’t open to backdoor play, this definitely is not for you. If you have enjoyed prostate stimulation from a woman, it may be something new and wonderful to try as the massager itself is very slim.