Meet your new keyholder, Mistress Tessa! Welcome to level 1 of your chastity training. This session gives me complete control of your cock and your orgasm. I’ll be gentle with you with at first, starting with only a single day of denial. You’ll be working your way up to 30 days under my guidance. Be prepared, as along the way to 30 days, you’ll be edging for Mistress. 

Begin your chastity training now so you will be ready for level 2!


Release Date:     04/18/2014
Recording Quality:     Stereo
Length in Minutes:     27:25
Background Music:     Yes
Subliminal Layering:     Yes
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions:     Yes
Topics/Fetishes:     Chastity, non-device chastity, edging, femdom, Mistress Tessa, tease, denial