It is that time of year where I want everything to be fresh and new. I started with a sexy free erotic hypnosis session “She Takes The Stage“. Grab it if you missed it! As you have noticed by now I hope, the site has a fresh new look. Keeping with my previously posted resolutions for 2011, I am transitioning the site into something much more intimate. As time goes on, it will be much more revealing of me as a person rather than just an erotic hypnotist. I’ve started off with revamping the “About Me” page. My hope is that the new one is much more insightful and I’ll keep adding to it as thoughts come to mind.

You might notice a theme starting to emerge here. I have a real desire to strip things down for awhile. This week, I will begin releasing a “Stripped Down” series of erotic hypnosis recordings with no effects, no subliminal layers, and no music. They will just be pure vocal experiences in lust and control. Have no fear! they will still have every bit the production value of all of my 2010 hypnosis MP3s.

There is one other project that I am simply bursting at the seams with excitement over, but cannot say much about. I had a lengthy chat with some incredibly creative individuals that presented some amazing concepts for some new recordings. There is one idea that will result in one the most exciting, yet challenging volumes of work that I have ever put out! We’ll just call it the “super exciting, top secret project”, OK?