The hands-free orgasm file for use with an Aneros prostate massager that I wrote about the other day is edited and ready to go.

Here is a description: 

This session was created for someone that preferred a long progressive relaxation induction and wanted to be hypnotically led through the exercises at while gently being introduced to the pleasure of submitting to a dominant woman.

With the massager already in place, you’ll be led down into a deep state of hypnosis. You’re body will respond all on its own as the pleasure created becomes effortlessly associated with obedience and submission. You’ll be led through several dry (internal) orgasms with a little bit of nipple play and the movement of the Aneros. Once your pleasure is built to maximum, a little bit of gentle tease & denial will make your body beg for ultimate release. Give in to the mantra of “Obedience is Pleasure” and be led to an earth shattering orgasm!

Recording Quality: Stereo
Length: 46:33
Background Music: Yes
Subliminal Layering: Yes
Post-hypnotic suggestions: Yes – For re-induction
Topics/Fetishes: Femdom control, nipple sensitivity, hands-free orgasm


One other note: The massager is in this MP3 is simply referred to as the Aneros.

If you would like to acquire this file, contact me and let me know your preferred method of payment and we’ll go from there!