Matilda MP3

Matilda? It almost sounds like a harmless elderly lady, doesn’t it? That’s precisely why I named my favorite cat o’ nine tails flogger with the sounds of innocence. Are you ready to meet Matilda?  My good boys have been waiting for this one for quite sometime as...

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Down Boy MP3

Product Description Ready to spend another night with Tessa?  Picking up where “One Night With Tessa” leaves off, this file brings pussy worship to a whole new level.  The excitement and anticipation will build so much, that there is only one place to go, down boy! ...

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I’m baaaack!

Let's sum things up by saying that 2017 has really not been my year. I had big plans this year and just gets in the way sometimes. As many of you know, my father had been battling cancer for years. I spent months & months back home  in Las Vegas...

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Mind Management MP3

It’s time to truly experience the pleasure of worship. This session is designed to help you enjoy every moment of your submission to me. Find yourself blissfully weak and obedient and I gently guide you into trance chipping away at any resistance as you descend deep...

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Time To Surrender MP3

Are you ready to surrender your mind to Mistress, pet? Enjoy a unique clock induction as I slowly hypnotize you into deep trance and even deeper submission. This hypnotic femdom session will put you in an endless state of arousal each every time you surrender your...

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Completely Controlled Cock MP3

Are you ready for an edging thrill ride that you may not remember? Join me for an evening you’re soon to forget as you find yourself helplessly hypnotized, stroking into submission and obedience inside my theater of mind control. My hypnotic spiral of control...

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Tessa Teaches Trance: Sensory Perception

This is part 3 in the “Tessa Teaches Trance” trance training series. This installment, Sensory Perception, is exactly what is implies. You're ready to explore the more advanced facets of hypnosis like touch and taste. Once again, you'll find yourself being gently...

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Tessa’s Holiday Desires

Hello boys! The holiday season is upon us again and I don't know what it is about this time of year, but I tend to feel all mushy and sentimental. I also start to feel so grateful for the life I have as I reflect over the past year and smile at all the triumphs and...

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White Space MP3 + Free Bonus Loop

This devotional femdom hypnosis session will bind you to me. Saying yes to submission has never felt so good when dominance is cloaked in sensual, sweet words of deep hypnotic trance. Surrender to me and to surrender to hypnosis with your hypnotic goddess, Tessa. This...

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