Sequel Week Picks Announced!

The results are in and voting is now closed for Sequel Week 2015! I've selected the top 3 hypnosis sessions from all of your votes and here's what you can look forward to during Sequel Week 2015 which will begin December 7th! By an overwhelming margin of votes, the...

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Sequel Week is Coming!

What's the only thing better than Shark Week? Tessa's SEQUEL WEEK! Sequel Week was such a smashing success last year that I've decided to make it an annual event! This time, you get to choose what erotic hypnosis recording I make a sequel out of. Well boys, you've got...

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Trance Training: The Halfway Point

Well, 2 of the 4 Tessa Teaches Trance installments are now released, Trust Fall and Under The Surface. I must say that while I am so proud of this series, I am absolutely shocked by the response so far. I suppose that I had always thought that the names that I have...

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More Than A Coat Of Paint

I'm sure you've noticed by now that has a fresh new look. It may not have quite as much flair as previous designs, but sometimes you have sacrifice a little glitz for functionality. Beyond the new look, there are some things that have been fixed and...

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Contact Form Issues

Apparently, my contact form has not been working correctly for quite some time. I really didn't become aware of this until some of the entries to the Era Imperium Writing Contest went missing. I have no idea how long it has been broken or how many have thought I was...

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